Price list

Many asked for prices and had to wait too long for an answer, especially those who only wanted to know how much a surgery would be and did not want to communicate with Dr. Nond yet. This page was therefore created to answer commonly asked questions related to prices and showed close-to-actual prices of many procedures. After more than 10 years, we later found that most patients still asked for prices even though they were listed here. Some could not find their interested procedures and prices although they were listed here. Some saw the prices but still asked the doctor and his assistant for the prices. Some asked what were included in the prices even though it was already explained on this page. So, at the end, we decide to pull off all the prices.

Estimated price

Quality-based Approach VS Financial-based approach

We can quote a price but do not assume that it is the final. Please understand that there is no fixed and guaranteed price of a surgery. So do not expect a quotation which guarantees the cost of surgery. We call our pricing technique as quality-based approach.

Accurate estimation of cost is a time-consuming job and is a responsibility, so it will be done only after patient confirms to have a surgery. The procedure names and estimated operative time will be given to the hospital, anesthesiologist and surgical assistant so that the most accurate costs can be provided. After gathering answers from the hospital and the surgical team, the final estimated price will be informed together with payment methods.

For an estimated price, there are composed of the surgical team fee and the hospital charge.

The surgical team fee is certain and covers surgeon's fee, assistant's fee, anesthesiologist's fee and one compression garment (if needed). Payment will be splitted into 2 portions.

  1. Payment of the first smaller portion is necessary to book a surgery date and it is non-refundable.
  2. The rest of the surgical team fee can be paid at any time prior to the surgery.

The hospital charge is not certain. It must be paid before discharged. We try to make the estimated hospital charge very close to the actual cost, but it is not guaranteed. Nobody can know the total hospital charge before discharge. The actual cost is the combined result of used medicines and medical supplies, operating time, room charges and take-home medicines. Dr. Nond, as your surgeon, will just use the best medicines/instruments and the best effort in the surgery to get the desired results without being financially pressured by factors such as operating time, cost of instruments/medicines or medical supplies.

Financial-based Approach

Some other hospitals or doctors provide fixed package prices but the prices are usually overrated or there are hidden limitations in term of allowed operating time, instruments, number and quality of allowed medicines and medical supplies. This means you might not get the best effort, medicines and medical supplies by using the fixed price approach.

There is no hidden cost

An estimated price does not include: -

Dr. Nond has no control over the hospital charges.

If you plan to have additional procedure which will cost more, please prepare enough Thai Baht cash to pay before the surgery time.

Hospital charges in patients with chronic illness can be much more than expected. Doctors’ fees and hospital charges in HIV patients will also be a lot higher than usual.

Examples of procedures

Facelift & Eyelids

Upper or lower blepharoplasty
Combined Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
Correction of congenital unilateral eyelid ptosis
Correction of congenital bilateral eyelid ptosis
Resection of the frowning muscles (corrugator) [as an adjunct to the upper blepharoplasty]
Mini-facelift with Endotine ribbons (no hospital stay)
Endoscopic mini-facelift (no hospital stay)
Face and neck lift
Face and neck lift + upper blepharoplasty
Face and neck lift + lower blepharoplasty
Face and neck lift + upper and lower Blepharoplasty
Forehead lift, endoscopic brow lift
Forehead lift with one pair of Endotine ribbons for the forehead wrinkles/medial portion of the brows
Forehead lift with lower blepharoplasty
Cheek (midface) lift
Cheek (midface) lift with Endotine


Nose augmentation with silicone implant
Nose augmentation with silicone implant and tip graft (cartilage/fascia)
Nose augmentation with rib graft
Nose reduction (with osteotomy)
Nose reduction (without osteotomy)
Nasal tip plasty
Reduction alarplasty


Cheek augmentation with silicone implants
Cheek augmentation with custom made PMMA implants (by rapid prototyping)
Reduction malarplasty (cheek bone reduction)
Buccal fat removal


Chin augmentation with silicone implant
Chin augmentation or reduction by sliding genioplasty


Mandibular reduction by angle resection
Total mandibular reduction (v-line)
Mandibular augmentation with custom made PMMA implants (by rapid prototyping)
Mandibular setback (for prognathism) or advancement
Maxillary osteotomy (for long face, hypoplasia, etc)
Bimaxillary osteotomy


Upper or lower lip reduction
Upper and lower lip reduction


Forehead augmentation with custom made implant (rapid prototyping technique) OR bone cement
Forehead contouring/feminization


Neck plasty (including platysmoplasty)
Thyroid cartilage shaving (Adam's apple reduction)


Breast augmentation (inframammary) with smooth implants
Breast augmentation (inframammary) with textured implants
Breast augmentation (inframammary) with teardrop implants
Breast augmentation (axillary) by endoscopic technique
Breast augmentation (transareolar)
Breast reduction
Breast lift (circumareolar lift)
Breast lift (vertical and inverted T technique)
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) with smooth implants
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) with textured implants
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) with teardrop implants
Breast lift (vertical or inverted T) with smooth implants
Breast lift (vertical or inverted T) with textured implants
Breast lift (vertical or inverted T) with teardrop implants
Breast implant removal with capsulectomy via inframammary incisions
Breast implant removal with capsulectomy by endoscopic transaxillary approach
Breast implant removal by en bloc removal
Breast implant replacement with smooth implants
Breast implant replacement with textured implants
Breast implant replacement with teardrop implants
Nipple reduction
Correction of nipple inversion


Mini-abdominoplasty with liposuction (no hospital stay)


Liposuction (up to 2 hrs)
Liposuction (up to 3 hrs)
Liposuction (up to 4 hrs)
Liposuction (thighs & buttocks)
Liposuction (abdomen)
Liposuction (arms or legs)
Liposuction (face and neck)
Liposuction (chest) + breast gland resection (gynecomastia)


Lipofilling for one site


Otoplasty (unilateral, no hospital stay)
Otoplasty (bilateral, no hospital stay)

Lifting procedures

Arm lift (bilateral brachioplasty, longituidal incisions) (no hospital stay)
Arm lift (bilateral brachioplasty, transverse axillary incisions) (no hospital stay)
Medial thigh lift
Medial thigh lift with liposuction
Posterior lower body lift (buttock lift, posterior medial and lateral lift with liposuction)
Anterior lower body lift (anterior medial and lateral thigh lift with liposuction)

Reconstructive Surgery

Cleft lip repair (unilateral)
Cleft lip repair (bilateral)
Cleft palate repair (palatoplasty)

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