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Plastic Surgery by Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda

Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to the website of Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda, Bangkok Thailand's leading board-certified plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgeons

This web site is not meant to persuade anyone to have surgery with Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda. Its primary objective is to provide information for his prospective patients who are in the planning process and patients who already had surgery. There are common questions patients ask all the time. This web site is thus for this purpose and should facilitate the patients' preparation before coming to have plastic surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda practices mainly in high-level hospital and is capable of doing common procedures in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation (implants), breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), etc.

Dr. Nond still believes that plastic surgery under his care is not a business!

Therefore Dr.Nond relies completely on words of mouth and never uses marketing in whatever mean to promote his practice.

By Nond Rojvachiranonda

High tummy tuck scar can be corrected

Tissue expansion can be used to move the abdominoplasty scar lower

Previously high-lying abdominoplasty scar cannot be made lower, into bikini zone. Now we can.

tissue expander is placed in the upper belly to expand the skin for later use

Dr. Omar M. Kadri in Los Angeles published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal in March 2013 a new technique to solve this difficult problem. He placed a large tissue expander under the skin of the upper belly to stretch the skin. The expander was gradually enlarged by intermittent instillation of normal saline until it reached 3.5 litres. After 4 months, the second surgery was performed to remove the expander, excise the skin below the scar and use the stretched upper abdominal skin to lower the ugly scar successfully.

tissue expander was removed from the upper abdomen and the stretched skin was used to lower the scartissue expander was removed from the upper abdomen and the stretched skin was used to lower the scar

The result is quite impressive but this is just one case. From the authors, the patient reported pain, anorexia, and early satiety during the expansion process, which was attributed to pressure on the abdominal wall and stomach from the tissue expander. Otherwise, she had no other complaints and did well during the intervening period between the first and second surgeries.

3 January, 2014

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