How to get it done

This part of the web is for people who are interested in having surgery with Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda only! It is not meant to be advertising in any way. It is actually designed for preventing patient's misunderstanding and facilitating booking process.

No need to contact the hospitals! Everything will be processed from our side.

There are 3 main procedures to go through. Please do not miss a single step.

A. Expectations & Outcomes B. Cost Checking C. Booking
  1. visit the KNOWLEDGE page for more understanding
  2. email to Dr. Nond at with a list of your wishes AND description of how you dislike your body part(s)
    *Do not select the procedures first
  3. always attach photos of the concerned area
    *Please visit PHOTOGRAPHY page for better shooting technique
  1. visit the PRICELIST page
  2. ask Dr.Nond's assistant at if not clear enough
  1. visit the BOOKING GUIDELINES page for better understanding
  2. check with Dr.Nond's assistant at
  3. for agency, select dates from Dr.Nond's Google calendar at and confirm with Dr.Nond's assistant at
What will happen?
  1. you know exactly what you want
  2. your surgeon knows exactly what you want
  3. your surgeon will discuss with you via email until the best choice of treatment is agreed
  1. you can see and compare costs for various surgical procedure(s)
  2. you can ask for more information about the cost if your case does not fit with any of the listed procedures
  1. you can discuss with Dr. Nond's assistant about the best dates for consultation and surgery
  2. you can get help on non-surgical matters, e.g. travelling, accommodation
  • correct expectation
  • agreed outcomes
  • agreed list of procedures
  • the closest estimated cost (not guaranteed)
  • appointment for consultation
  • appointment for surgery
Only after all of the above three results are achieved, the surgery can be conducted.

To explain a bit. Inquiries about surgery such as indications, possibility of success, techniques, complications should be emailed to Dr. Nond. Everything else should be emailed to his assistant.

Some might only want to know how much a surgery costs. Dr. Nond prefers to spend his limited free time to communicate with people who have medical questions. So please visit the Price List page and email to ask his assistant if needed.

Choose a place for consultation

  1. Phyathai 2 hospital - every first, third, fourth and fifth Thursday evening, at Phyathai Beauty Center on the second floor of building A
  2. Chulalongkorn hospital - any day but on appointment only on the 14th floor of Sor Gor building

** Place of consultation can be different from place of surgery.

Have someone to take care of you

If coming to Bangkok for surgery is going to be too tough for you, we recommend you use services from either:

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