Last updated: August 25, 2018


Consultation can be scheduled with Dr. Nond's assistant, Ms. Nancy, by: -

Place of surgery does not have to be at the same place as the consultation.


Phyathai 2 hospital

Hi-class hospital with JCI accreditation in the city center. The medical care and surgical facilities are standard like all other major hospitals.

Available for both consultation and all kinds of surgery

OPD - every Thursday (except the second Thursday) 4.30-7.00PM

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Bangkok Christian hospital

Middle-class hospital in the city center. The hospital staffs do not speak English so fluently, just like normal Thai people.

Available for consultation only

OPD - every 2nd Thursday of the month 5-8PM

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Bumrungrad International hospital

Good for patients who prefer first-class services like a five-star hotel.

Available for both consultation and all kinds of surgery

OPD - the first and third Sunday 9.30AM-12PM

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Chulalongkorn hospital

Public hospital. Cosmetic surgery will not be provided for foreigners at this hospital, except for consultation and follow-up visits for postoperative patients.

Available for consultation only

OPD (Floor 14, Sor Gor building)

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Surgical service is available at

I only perform surgery at standard hospitals. The listed hospitals are therefore more than safe. Bangkok is modern, so do these hospitals. By not finding much opinion about a hospital in the internet, it does not mean that hospital is not good. Hospitals that are often mentioned in the internet invest so much on marketing and, as a result, will always be more expensive.

Place of surgery does not depend on where consultation takes place. This is because Dr. Nond is not an employee of any of the mentioned hospitals or clinic. Consultation can be at one place and surgery is conducted at another place.


Email is the best way for preliminary consultation, but please also provide good-quality photos of the areas to be operated. Read the instructions on how to take good shots at this page.

Email inbox is regularly checked but not everyday. Very often that the work load is so much that an email is not replied for 3-4 weeks. For urgent or emergent events, please make a phone call at the mobile phone number provided below. For booking and inquiries related to Dr.Nond's availability, please contact his assistant at Responses are expected to be as long as 1-2 days.


Mobile phone +66 8 9779 8283

Calling Dr.Nond's mobile phone is the best way to get immediate contact. In Bangkok life is not so simple. Traffic is one reason. Working as a surgeon even makes things more complicated. It is difficult to get to someone in Bangkok on landline phone. If Dr.Nond can accept calls, he will always do. If not, please try again. If phone calls come in during his surgical work, it is difficult, or often not until very late at night, to call back all missed calls.

Alternatives is to contact his assistant at +66908879994


Office fax +66 2 2563514

Online Chat

If two-way realtime communication is necessary, WhatsApp is the best. Facebook and Skype is also possible. Free chat session can be scheduled on Saturday evening when both sides (patients and Dr. Nond) are free.

Patient selection

  1. New cases whose email or phone communication cannot provide enough information for procedure selection and other surgical related issues.
  2. Old cases who have received treatments and find difficulty in clarifing inquiries and postoperative problems

Available time

Time - to be scheduled by email or phone

Steps for Skype Skype

  1. Download the latest Skype program from Microsoft web site
  2. Install the program
  3. Signin with your Skype account
  4. Call me at "drnond" (do not type ") at the scheduled time

Steps for Facebook

  1. Login to your facebook account
  2. Find me at
  3. Send me messages